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Dear Reader,

GAY-TANTRA is 20 years young - how is it possible to keep this freshness, youth and vitality when getting older? To experience deep amazement and BEING touched over and over again?
>>> Rule number 1:
To come back to yourself, to your body in your sexuality again and again. To feel and sense yourself through active meditation, physical strengthening or exercises in silence. Lucky is the one who integrated these practices into his daily life.
>>> Rule number 2:
To follow your own breath. As soon as the thoughts, feelings and volitional impulses come to rest, the amazement and BEING touched as well as the new freshness can come up from the own deepness; it might come into resonance with this or that possibility from outside - and at the same time it comes from the inside.
This is the GAY-TANTRA spirit:
To become empty again and again, to be a 'Beginner' over and over, to experience the fullness. You are kindly invited to step into the field of GAY-TANTRA, which I started to create,now 20 years ago.

Cordial greetings
Armin-Christoph Heining
GAY-TANTRA® Founder & Protagonist

P.S.: If you want to, forward this e-mail to friends and acquaintances. This is the easiest way to draw someone's attention to GAY-TANTRA®!

The news at a glance:
1) Last places available 24.-25.11. in Amsterdam/NL
2) Prolonged: -10% booking rebate for 28.12.-2.1.2013
3) The special christmas gift 2012: GAY-TANTRA visual motifs
4) 'Mahamudra- Retreat from 2.-6.1.13 near Frankfurt [GER]
5) 'Back to the Roots' - Journey to India 27.1.-15.2.13
6) Other seminars in 2012/2013 (selection):

1) Last places available:
Workshop 24.-25.11. in Amsterdam/NL

'Genital Massage - The intimate Touch'
Thank you very much for your great response to the upcoming GAY-TANTRA workshop in Amsterdam:
> Experience yourself, your body and your sexuality deeper!
> Allow healing processes on your physical, emotional and spiritual level!
> Develop yourself in your sexual and social life!

2) Prolonged:
-10% booking rebate for Module 1 from 28.12. - 2.1.13

We have renewed the early booking discount up to the 28th November 2012 to give even more men the opportunity to participate at our turn of the year Module 1 and the whole eighteenth 'Training in Ecstasy & Love':
Give you and your life a real boost of energy, amongst others with the multiple orgasmic anal and prostate massage, a firewalking ritual for New Year's Eve, a tantric ritual and a lot more…

3) The special christmas gift 2012:
GAY-TANTRA visual motifs

Do you already know all the other treasures that we conjured out of the GAY-TANTRA DVDs? Explore our GAY-TANTRA visual motifs. I reckon: They could become a very special christmas gift for you and your tantric friends/ partner!

4) 'Mahamudra - Immersing in Silence'
from 2. - 6.1.13 near Franfurt [GER]

You think you have no access to silence and meditation? Experience the group of like-minded as a support and catalyst to overcome internal resistance and to experience freedom!

5) 'Back to the Roots' - Journey to India 27.01.-15.02.2013
Our 18-days pilgrimage to the most interesting spots of North India, including a trip to Goa, including practice of TantraYoga, meditation, erotic wellness massages and ecstatic GAY-TANTRA on original places! Overnight accommodation in hand picked hotels, comfortable, safe and hygienic. Do now your bookings and enrolements – don't hesitate to contact for support.

6) Other seminars in 2012/2013 (selection):
-10% early booking discount for all applications received up to 2 months prior to inception:
Workshop 'Anal-/Prostate-Massage' 1.-2.12. in Cologne [GER]
Seminar 'Sexual Ecstasy' 8.-9.12. in Hamburg [GER]
Workshop 'Sexual Energetic Massage' 18.-20.1. in Delhi [IND]
Workshop 'Genital-Massage', 2.-3.3. in Frankfurt [GER]
EasterIntensive 'Sexual Ecstasy' 28.3.-1.4. near Bremen [GER]
Seminar 'Time Out' for Couples, 8.-12.5. near Frankfurt [GER]

This and all other seminars, please visit: Calendar

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